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Vietnam Blues - Combat Tested Blues... For Peace CD

Lee Oskar""Vietnam Blues" is a great recording featuring some hot harmonica playing and top-notch musicians. Sarge Lintecum, harmonica player and vocalist, musically recounts his Vietnam horror and its aftermath, while delivering a very healing message and a poignant one. Sarge has turned his three torturous tours of Vietnam into something good...a fabulous recording. He has woven a musical tapestry of blues, using his Vietnam experience and the resultant crippling feelings and pain, which affected him physically, mentally and emotionally. This is truly the BLUES! Sarge's message is a very timely one, set to some great music, which all vets, America and the world needs to hear. My hat is off to this fabulous, talented man and his wonderful wife, Leslie Nan, for supporting him through his torment and anguish and encouraging him to share his music and poetry with others. It is through his lyrics and the music that Sarge has at last found some measure of peace. His desire to share this "cure" with others has resulted in "Vietnam Blues". It is one man's powerful message and a positive catalyst for healing and change." Lee Oskar (of WAR fame and creator of the Lee Oskar line of harmonicas.)


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Blues CD

Famous Jake


"I usually listen to new music over and over when I first hear it. But I had to stop this CD to let things sink in and then listen to the same part again. ...the music was great, just the kind of jazzy rockin’ bluesy American roots music I like. But it was the power in the message Sarge delivered with simple eloquence and insight that required additional processing." - Famous Jake, Staff Writer for Quick Throttle Motorcycle Magazine


Gary Chenett"There is no one who tells the PTSD story like Sarge. He has nailed it with his new CD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Blues. It is excellent, excellent, excellent!" - Gary Chenett, Order of the Silver Rose, National Director, 100% PTSD Veteran, Vietnam '67 & '68




Dr. Richard Crowley“I have listened to it 4 times already and love the lyrics and the sounds are incredible!!” Dr. Richard Crowley, Sports psychologist, earned a B.A. in psychology from St. Bonaventure University, a master’s in psychiatric social work from Boston College and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from United States International University.



Doug Yelmen" is good, man, real good. One song in particular, I had to listen to it 2-3 times. You've done good, Sarge, and I feel honored to have a copy. Now it is my turn to say, "Bless your heart."" - Doug Yelmen, Vietnam veteran Assault Craft Division ONE I Corps, BA in Fine Arts. Master in Social Work. Served the VA counseling combat vets for over 5 years. Artist www.PostModernArt and Amateur Photographer.




Lee Raaen"I want to congratulate you on the PTSD Blues CD. Not only is the music great, but the message important. Thanks for allowing me to be one of the first to hear it." - Lee Raaen, Lawyer and Kickstarter Backer




Ron Breland“I found the music both uplifting, as well as inspiring. I can identify with it like I can the back of my hand. The lyrics transcend our different generations, proving indeed that "Once a Soldier, always a Soldier!" Thank you so very much for the gift of your music, brother. It is a true gift, and I cherish it.” Ron Breland, Veteran 101st Airborne Division, combat tours in Mogadishu, Somalia (Battle of the Black Sea - of Blackhawk Down fame), Kosovo and Iraq.


Bill Russell"Received the new CD yesterday. Thank you! Listened to it last night. The CD is fantastic. A lot of powerful thoughts in there mixed in with a little fun. I can feel all of your emotions in the words. The CD cover is another great work. I like how you can hold your whole world in the palm of your hand. You have to be in control to keep things going for you and your family. Tell me about the picture on the back. How does a long haired, long whiskered, guy keep such a good looking woman around? She must be your rock. Take Care My Brother and give my best to Leslie." - Bill Russell, Kickstarter Backer, Vietnam veteran



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