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The Vietnam Blues

This poem is the opening cut on my "Vietnam Blues - Combat Tested Blues... For Peace" recording, and it is in my book, "The Vietnam Blues And Other Really Radical Writings".

Night Ambush

The terror of walking into a night ambush is described in a surrealistic style in this poem.

Time Bomb in My Mind

From my "Vietnam Blues - Combat Tested Blues... For Peace" recording, these powerful words stand on their own even without me and my "Vietnam Blues Band."

Invisible Soldier

You can read this one cast in bronze at the Arizona Women Veterans Memorial at the Arizona National Memorial Cemetery in Phoenix.

Lost in Battle

This poem is the sad but true story of my experiences after surviving three tours of duty in Vietnam and making it home alive, only to feel like an intruder in the country I love.

Street Dog

This poem appeared on the editorial page of the Arizona Republic Newspaper in Phoenix, and is featured on the back cover of my third book of poetry, "Vietnam Vet Will Work For Food."

The Flood of '83

After having suffered untreated Post Tramatic Stress Disorder for fifteen years while the VA disavowed any knowledge of this problem, (PTSD is as old as warfare), I found myself and my family homeless in America. (Decicated to Leslie Nan Lintecum for sticking with me through good times and bad.)